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My name is Chris, and I like to build things. I believe that creating is the most wonderful activity in which to partake. Sometimes I make things to scratch an itch, sometimes to help someone else solve a problem, and sometimes to give back some of the value I've extracted from the internet community. All of these creations are detailed below: some have dedicated project pages and all of the source code is freely available on my Github page. If you find these projects useful and you'd like to leave a tip, you can also do so below. Feel free to take, use, change, distribute, and enjoy anything you find here.
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jQuery Plugin

Bigfoot.js is a simple jQuery plugin that detects footnotes on the page and makes them better. It creates clickable buttons out of the original footnote link and creates a popover when the footnote button is clicked. Finally, the script make sure the popover is appropriately sied and positioned so that it looks great on any screen size.

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Song Control

Alfred 2 Workflow

Song Control works is an Alfred 2 Workflow that allows you to, well, control the current song (in iTunes). You can manage its playlist membership, change its rating, get quick song information, and do some other basic song actions (play, pause, next, previous, and random)

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jQuery Plugin

This plugin automatically fits text to the size of its container. It's especially nice for headlines and other text you'd like to be eye-catching. It's a simple, lightweight solution and works straight out of the box. You can also specify min/ max font-size and text-width, if you wish.

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AppleScript foromnifocus

This script provides a comprehensive implementation of templates in OmniFocus. You can create templates with many different kinds of variables, complex date math, default folders, attachment and completion prompts, and conditional tasks.

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Mail Complete

AppleScript foromnifocus&omnifocus

This script grabs the senders of the selected messages and looks through your OmniFocus library for tasks with a context that includes "Waiting" and the names of the senders. It then lets you complete or view these tasks automatically.

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Save as PDF

AppleScript foromnifocus

This script takes the current Finder (or Path Finder) selection and identifies all Microsoft Word and PowerPoint files. It will then automatically save these as PDF files to the same directory as the original, and also gives you the option of deleting the original.

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AppleScript foromnifocus

This script will allow you to defer all selected OmniFocus items by/ to a particular time. You can specify the amount of time deferred using the absolute or relative date formats you use elsewhere in OmniFocus, and can defer start dates, due dates, or both.

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AppleScript foromnifocus

Creates a link to a folder that contains the support documents for the selected project and quickly opens up the folder in your file browser of choice. This effectively integrates the file system with your OmniFocus library on a project-by-project basis.

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Evernote Extractor

AppleScript foromnifocus

Allows you to pick any subset of notebooks in your Evernote account and a target output folder. The script will then export from those notebooks every image file, PDF file, or both, and will give them usable filenames to work with.

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AppleScript foromnifocus

Adds the ability to find and replace within the names and notes of the selected OmniFocus items. You can perform multiple simultaneous renaming operations and define how many instances of each replacement you want to make.

Find and Operate Icon

Find and Operate

AppleScript foromnifocus

Allows you to specify one or more strings and will then search through the current Pages selection for instances of those strings. Once it finds them, it allows you to do any of a number of operations on these strings, including bolding, applying character styles, or applying superscript.

Terms of Use

All of the above scripts are provided free of charge for all to enjoy. You can fork, alter, and share to your heart's content; just try not to take credit for my work. Remember not to fiddle: use the above to do more of your best work and share it with the world.